Why self-care is KEY to high performance

April 27, 20210 CommentMental health

Traditionally, self-care has been seen as a sort of cushy way to pat oneself on the back. There’s a sort of resistance to taking it seriously and understanding its importance, particularly in the workplace. But what happens when we prioritise it, instead? Productivity skyrockets, and by achieving mastery over your mindset you give yourself the best chance at becoming a high performer.

Here are our top 5 tips for incorporating self-care to become a high-performing powerhouse:

  1. Maintain a great work environment. Whether it’s through a bit of redecorating with your favourite photos or reorganising your office supplies, you can summon a sense of peace and clarity by creating a space you feel comfortable and happy working from. 
  2. Set boundaries for yourself and have a good understanding of what you will and won’t accept or agree to take on. Remember that the power of boundaries lies in honouring them after you’ve set them; it’s a way of asserting your worth and valuing your wellbeing over your desire to please people.
  3. Be understanding and flexible when it comes to not meeting deadlines or requirements. Things come up; it’s just a fact of life. Whether it’s being a little kinder to yourself or to your coworkers, find a way to re-establish expectations that are reasonable and achievable.
  4. Identify and acknowledge when something has gone right – too often we forget to celebrate the wins and instead focus on what needs to be tidied up and is yet to be achieved. Take some time to recognise the accomplishments of yourself and others when you know you’ve earnt it.
  5. Make your self-care applicable to you. It’s not always chocolate indulgences and bubble baths – sometimes self-care means spending time with your loved ones, and to others it might mean taking a break to spend some time recharging on your own. Self-care changes from person to person, so think about what will meaningfully help you to feel refreshed and relaxed.