Why It’s Important That Your Employees Are Well-Rested

February 24, 20210 CommentMindset , Productivity

Ask your employees to raise their hands if they feel well-rested. Now, ask them to raise their hands if they need more sleep. More often than not, most employees will be quick to raise their hands in the second scenario because, let’s admit, they need more (or better) rest. Most of us do. 

As a workaholic, it’s easy to get caught up trying to get everything done with the time you have. But staying awake the whole night isn’t the way to do it. It impacts health, performance and hurts your organisation’s productivity.

How Does Lack of Quality Sleep Impact Your Work and Productivity?

Being sleep deprived directly affects your thinking ability and reaction time to solve a problem. When your mind isn’t well-rested, then ultimately, the rate of neural communication slows down. As a result, you begin to experience sluggishness in problem-solving, decision making, and concentration. It forces the brain to try to work at its highest capacity under less suitable conditions. 

All of this decreases your productivity. Being sleep-deprived, you can’t get the work done, even if you try your hardest. Primarily, this is because there is a war going inside your mind, where one part is trying to get you to rest while the conscious is working hard to keep you awake. This tug of war zaps energy, impacts mood and slows productivity. But you are not alone; in a survey conducted in the US, around 25% of adults in the US sleep for less than seven hours per night.

This lack of quality sleep and poor productivity is an international issue that has serious consequences. Estimates place the loss across 5 OECD countries due to insufficient sleep at $680 billion.

The key takeaway – if you want your employees to perform better at work, it is essential to encourage them to rest. 

How Can You Comprise Good Sleep Habits into Your Lifestyle And Enhance Your Productivity?

Three primary things interfere with your quality of sleep. These are social pressure to produce as much as possible, a stressful and busy life and constant use of electronics.

To keep up with the evolving lifestyle and boost productivity, it is essential to adopt an old-school routine. Do not use electronics in the hour before bed. Establish a routine: brush your teeth, wear comfortable clothes, dim the lights, read, and wind down. 

For business leaders, you can support these changes, too. To further promote a healthy lifestyle at your organisation, build in time for your employees to have a rest or a quick nap in the afternoon outside of their lunch breaks. Studies from all around the world have found that shortening the workday, or having the opportunity to leave and return, boosts energy and productivity in workers. 

Meditation can help a lot, too. Twenty minutes of meditation can relax the mind to the same level as taking a 2-hour nap. Thus, it makes sense to offer meditation time and encourage employees to adopt a balanced lifestyle. 

You may also set up counselling centres to help employees cope with the work pressure and promote happiness companywide.

What are your views on this? How do you take care of your employees’ health? Let us know in the comments below.

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