What can you do as a workplace champion to encourage wellbeing in the workplace?

March 31, 20210 CommentLeadership

As a leader in your workplace, you may recognise that you are the go-to person for many of your peers. Whether that’s for feedback, ideas, or just an ear to listen, you hold a certain amount of influence in your space and your opinion carries weight among your colleagues. Even if you don’t hold an official managerial or supervisor title, finding yourself in such a role can also incur a feeling of responsibility to your teammates – making sure they are okay, maintaining an appropriate work/life balance, and are performing comfortably in their roles. So as a natural workplace leader, what can you do to improve the wellbeing of your fellow employees?

One of the most simple things you can do is just to pay attention and show up with positivity. Encourage a colleague when they are finding something in their role challenging, congratulate them on their successes, even simply acknowledge when they have done something that contributes positively to the workplace. When you take a moment to recognise the small wins achieved by your team, not only are you boosting morale, but you are also creating an environment where everyone can feel more comfortable speaking up when they might need help, as well.

It’s likely that your workplace has some initiatives in place to support staff wellbeing, but how many people do you work with that actually use them? Whether it’s monthly workshops or audio guides on the company intranet, actively discuss these resources with your team and encourage their usage. Perhaps you could try them together, or simply share your experiences using them to inspire others.

When discussing milestones and work progress, you can utilise the opportunity to incorporate wellbeing goals into the conversation. The power in doing this lies in regularly and frequently checking in; what has changed for your colleague since the last time you checked in? Have they been able to resolve their issue successfully or perhaps view it from a new perspective? As it slowly becomes a habit to check in on your teammate’s wellbeing, by extension it will be further embedded in the company culture.

As we adjust to new modes of wellbeing and slowly shift back into the office after working from home, looking out for our coworkers has never been so important or impactful. Through meaningfully engaging with one another, thinking about the small ways in which we can support one another, and taking practical steps wherever possible to make a positive difference, we can help build resilience among our teams. We, as leaders, have the power to build this resilience; and the difference it makes in the workplace can be crucial.

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