What are the Benefits of a Mentally Healthy Workplace?

November 23, 20200 CommentMental health

The benefits of a mentally healthy workplace can be seen at a range of levels – individual, organisational, financial and legal. Mentally healthy environments are positive places where everyone feels supported and able to do their best work, regardless of whether or not they have a mental health condition. The benefits of a Mentally Healthy Workplace include:

Lower staff turnover
Keeping good workers for longer periods not only reduces workplace costs, it’s also important for retaining organisational knowledge, skills and experience. Research indicates working in an environment that is mentally healthy is the second most important factor when looking for a job. When workers feel supported, valued and engaged they are more committed to their organisation and doing their best work. A positive workplace culture brings out the best in everyone and benefits your business. A Heads Up and Instinct and Reason study shows workers are less likely to change jobs if they believe their workplace is mentally healthy.

Professional development
Offering workers an opportunity for professional training and development, hosting regular one-on-one meetings, and setting short and long-term work goals can keep workers motivated in their jobs and feel supported in their careers.

Productivity & ROI
A mentally healthy workplace creates a more engaged and productive workforce, helping you attract and keep great workers. Workers also take less time off and your business saves money. For every dollar spent to improve mental health at work, you can achieve returns of up to four dollars through improved productivity and savings from workers compensation claims.

Social connectedness
A healthy workplace can improve staff morale and engagement, reduce staff turnover and improve interpersonal relationships among employees, resulting in fewer conflicts and complaints. Workers’ compensation claims are also halved in organisations that provide support.

Its the right thing to do
Staying at work can play a vital role in the recovery of someone who has experienced a mental health condition, helping build self-esteem, confidence, coping skills and promote social inclusion. At the same time, the business retains valuable skills and experience, avoiding the costs associated with retraining or hiring new employees.

Its at workplaces responsibility
The other benefit is to the business’s reputation as a fair and healthy workplace among potential clients, customers and employees. From a legal perspective, a healthy workplace ensures that employers meet their ethical and legal obligations to protect employee health and safety. Increased workforce participation also benefits the wider community.

A well-implemented plan to promote a healthy working environment and culture also has financial benefits. Research by PwC has shown that for every dollar businesses invest in creating a mentally healthy workplace, they get an average return of $2.30 in improved productivity and profitability. Multiple actions, tailored to a business’s specific needs, are likely to result in a much higher ROI. Small businesses tend to receive a strong return on investment as it’s easier to involve their people in the process – employee participation being a critical factor for success.

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