Employee Health & Wellbeing
Monthly Webinars

Do your staff love where they work?

It’s no secret that over the last few years, both employee mental health and workplace culture have become hugely hot topics. 

Between remote working, the Great Resignation, and growing corporate responsibilities to wellbeing, it’s essential for companies to establish great employee wellbeing to acquire and retain talent. 

As a start-up, we know how important it is to address the high risk for burnout and stress in a fast culture. So the question is…are you doing enough?

Are you doing enough to...

1. Be an employer of choice among top candidates?

2. Create a workplace where staff can thrive, innovate and achieve?

3. Protect your staff from hitting burnout and plummeting productivity?

Enter Active & Thriving’s new series of Monthly Wellbeing Webinars, designed specifically to help you cultivate a company where top talents yearn to work.

How does it work?

Active & Thriving have created an ongoing calendar of wellbeing webinars to provide your employees with a broad range of engaging and evidence-based health and wellbeing topics. We know time is precious so we make every minute count in these 30-minutes sessions that include practical examples and exercises to ensure people take the knowledge and apply this into their daily lives.

In short, we educate and support your employees to understand, address, and proactively manage their health and wellbeing.

Our webinars cover...

Mental Health, Resilience, Burnout, Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition, Financial Wellbeing and more.

Each webinar is a live, virtual, interactive experience designed to keep your team engaged and achieve maximum retention. On-demand options are also available so that you can cater to your whole staff pool and maintain flexibility and accessibility.

Packages & Pricing

Choose the package that fits your organisation or contact us for a customised calendar, starting from $100 a month.


0-100 employees



100-500 employees



500+ employees


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