How it works... The SCIENCE

The ABC model for technology-based interventions.

Active & Thriving is a company founded by health professionals looking for a new way to change health behaviours. We wanted to create a scalable and evidence-based approach. So we sort the input of one of the best in the business – Sean Young.

Sean Young, PhD, is the Executive Director of the University of California Institute for Prediction Technology, the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior, Associate Professor in the UCLA Department of Family Medicine, and the author of the Best-Selling book, Stick With It. Sean studies how to use social and digital technologies for changing and predicting health behaviours, including HIV, opioids/substance use, cyberbullying, and suicide prevention. 

Sean is an advisor to Active & Thriving. We utilise his ABC framework to create, build, and implement our digital solutions to help everyone live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Adaptive Behavioral Components Theory (ABC) for Technology-based Interventions.

By considering these five high-level components, the model provides guidance on how to plan for the needs and potential changes during a technology-based health intervention.

This framework has been shown to increase the likelihood of behaviour change and help-seeking in individuals by 2-3 times.

Looking for a cost-effective and evidence-based approach to support your employees?