The commitment to wellbeing at MongoDB

December 17, 20210 CommentUncategorized

Having worked in workplace wellness for over 15 years, Benefits Manager at MongoDB Kritika Singh is no stranger to the wellbeing space. It means that her grasp on an employee wellbeing program is one that works – one that achieves cut through and sees tangible results. 

Kritika’s mission is to empower employees through education on mental wellbeing. The MongoDB Benefits team recently ran a month-long mental health campaign called “Kind to My Mind.” 

This program aimed to engage MongoDB’s employees across Europe, APAC, and the Americas by combining a number of internal benefits and partnering with a virtual wellness solution. Since our platform fulfilled their special requirements to customise and supplement our internal programme, Active & Thriving was selected as a great fit for their targeted mental health program. The Active & Thriving platform provided MongoDB, a global company, a wide virtual wellness challenge where MongoDB employees could form teams and participate in skill building exercises such as resilience, patience and optimism. 

“We are trying to leverage the World Mental Health Organization’s framework,” says Kritika. “It’s about ensuring that we are empowering our employees, so that they are comfortable in talking about mental health. Breaking the stigma associated with mental health obviously can’t be done overnight”. 

Outlining a multi-pronged approach to breaking that stigma, Kritika goes on to describe a campaign that works through different channels of the business to implement real and lasting culture change.

”Our multi-channel approach includes working with our internal Mental Health First Aiders and our regional EAP (Employee Assistance Program) providers to provide ongoing training and awareness. We want our employees to be aware of these resources and initiatives, and to feel at ease accessing them in a private and confidential manner at a time that is convenient for them. The follow-up element is empowering our employees to be confident in seeking support, so that means encouraging them to be proactive, as well as connected with their own wellbeing. It’s all about education and awareness to drive change.”

Kritika continues; “Because of our fast-paced work environment, we’ve changed how we approach wellness to ensure that we’re expanding the scope of the programmes we offer and making it easier for our employees to get information and participate in programmes. It’s why we wanted to make sure the Kind to My Mind programme included a variety of wellness activities and challenges for employees to participate in, including sleep, nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, and mental wellness – and this is where we found Active & Thriving to be a great fit.”

As a company, MongoDB is working to ensure that employee engagement is high while at the same time addressing key issues like mental wellbeing. Kritika notes how the company has had to readjust its focus when it comes to running mental health programs, given some employees may never return to an office environment after COVID-19. To manage that change MongoDB have been able to shift their focus to provide a holistic and integrated approach to wellbeing, with the support of Active & Thriving.

Kritika concluded, “At MongoDB we have a diverse workforce who have a diverse spectrum of concerns, therefore our goal is to ensure that our wellness initiatives are also diverse to fulfil their needs wherever they are. MongoDB is working on this across several fronts to ensure our program is accessible by any employee, regardless of where they are placed.”


MongoDB is the world’s leading application data platform for building the applications of today and tomorrow. The company has more than 29,000 customers in over 100 countries, ranging from the largest financial institutions to the most popular gaming platforms.  As the Benefits Manager for APAC Kritika oversees the spectrum of employee benefits and employee wellbeing as well as how the company is able to enhance their employees’ experience and meet their needs. 

Active & Thriving

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