Practical ways to build psychological safety

October 28, 2020Leadership , Mental health, ,

There are few places where people spend as much time as the workplace; therefore it is understandable when employees do not only ask for better salaries but also request healthier environments. As a field, organisational psychology is focused on accomplishing improving the health and wellbeing within the workplace setting; it studies the workplace and focuses on providing the tools and techniques to improve its conditions. Organisational psychologists have proposed many strategies to tackle this issue, …

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Real Leaders Tell Stories

August 2, 2020Leadership , Mental health, ,

As a leader, there are many ways to improve and intensify influence on others. Storytelling is one of the best. When the right story is told at the right time, in the right way, it helps to create clarity and resolve. When storytelling is used properly it is a powerful tool to explain ideas, share knowledge, build a shared vision and settle conflicts peacefully. Storytelling addresses the emotions of people, not their logical mind. Storytelling …

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Choose Purpose over Passion

June 18, 2020Mental health , Wellbeing, , , , , ,

Purpose and passion are different entities. Passion is about emotions, it is what makes you feel good, i.e. “doing what you love”. Purpose is the reason or the why behind what you do, i.e, “doing what matters”. Passion can be exciting, but erratic, while purpose is focused and measured.  Passions come and go, purpose tends to be longer term. Passions are projected inwardly, whereas purpose is outwardly focused on the greater impact you can have …

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Leading Your Team Through a Crisis

March 30, 2020Leadership

If you are in any sort of managerial role during the era of the global coronavirus pandemic, you know that your daily “to do” list just expanded to include activities you never thought imaginable. You have to continue to lead and oversee per your job description, but there is also a whole new facet that emphasises panic control and crisis management. There may be a need to learn entirely new ways of communicating and managing …

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Supporting a team member’s mental health needs

March 18, 2020Leadership , Mental health, ,

As a manager or leader, there are a number of practical things you can do to support individuals in the workplace who are experiencing a mental health condition. Some ways to approach this may include: take an interest in the employee’s life without intruding, while also maintaining their privacy. Listen and offer support. seek written permission from the employee to speak to their treating health professional about how the workplace can support their recovery. explore …

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