Our Top 3 Easy Harmony Day Activities for the Workplace

March 3, 20210 CommentMindset , Productivity

This month, we’re looking forward to celebrating Harmony Week at Active & Thriving from March 15th to March 21st. Culminating with Harmony Day on the Friday, we’ll be celebrating cultural diversity across the workplace and championing values like inclusivity, respect and a sense of belonging across the board.

After such a heavy and tumultuous 12 months, we’re conscious of the fact that these values need to be celebrated more than ever. This year, we’re excited to promote more opportunities and platforms for discussion and collaboration, encouraging us all to recognise how our differences and our similarities make our workplaces stronger.

Without further ado, here are our top 3 easy-as-pie Harmony Day activities you can integrate at your workplace to celebrate this year’s Harmony Week.

1. Three Good Things

Similar to a form of gratitude journalling, this activity prompts each participant to write three good things about their day and take the time to reflect upon and truly appreciate each one. They can be as big or small as you like. For a Harmony Day twist, try writing three good things about your workplace that promote values like harmony and unity, or three ways you’re committing to promoting inclusivity and respect in the workplace.

2. Uniquely You

For this exercise, gather staff in groups of 5 and give each participant a pen and paper. With a time limit of 3 minutes, each person has to write down one positive thing the person on their immediate right brings to the workplace. Is it their warm personality? Is it their ability to problem-solve creatively? After the 3 minutes is up, go around the circle and have each member read out what they wrote. The purpose of this activity is to recoginse the unique attributes each employee brings to the workplace, remind us that our positive qualities don’t go unnoticed by our colleagues, and give us an opportunity to feel appreciated for what we each individually bring to the table.

3. Games and Dress ups

Get into the spirit of Harmony Week by encouraging staff to wear orange to work, whether it’s a t-shirt or a keychain, and generate some buzz around the other departments as well. A Friday games afternoon is a great way to get everyone involved too – ask colleagues to bring games connected to their cultural roots, like Bocce from Italy or Mahjong from China. An afternoon spent enjoying international games is a great way to boost morale among teammates and promote learning about other cultures.

So for Harmony Week, contemplate how you might champion inclusivity in your immediate workspace. Will you invite a guest speaker to talk about their experiences as a multicultural Australian? Will you put on one of the above activities to encourage unity in the workplace?

Active & Thriving are here to support you in whatever way we can – so drop us an email at hello@activeandthriving.com.au and let’s discuss how we can team up to supercharge your workplace wellness.

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