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Is an optimistic mindset all it’s cracked up to be

January 29, 2021Mindset , Productivity, , , ,

We’re all probably familiar with some optimists and pessimists in our lives. Optimists are the ones with the “glass is always half-full” perspective. Nothing ever gets them down — even when things are falling apart.    Pessimists, on the other hand, are the ones who tend to see the negatives in current and future situations. And life just always seems to be miserable and hopeless to them.  In reality, most of us have a mixture of …

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Removing negative thoughts to create a positive mind

January 29, 2021Mindset, , ,

Perhaps one of the most pervasive causes of stress is negative self-talk. It’s the habitual way we mentally put ourselves down, discount our own achievements, and doubt ourselves often without even realising. As the natural enemy to positive thinking, it inhibits our ability to confidently approach new projects and opportunities with a motivation to succeed. While we may think our negative self-talk isn’t hurting anyone, we are likely doing more damage to ourselves than we …

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Mentally Healthy Workplaces Webinar Wrap Up

January 5, 2021Uncategorized

At any given time, up to 1 in 5 employees are likely to be experiencing a mental health condition. The workplace plays a positive role in supporting the mental health of its employees, from policy and work design to crisis response. On December 16, we ran a session that explored the evidence-based protective factors for mentally healthy workplaces and provided practical strategies that when applied, give significant results. With 500 registered participants, the session covered: …

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