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Reframe How You Think About Exercise

February 19, 2020Physical activity , Wellbeing, ,

Can you trick yourself into liking exercise? Psychology experts say yes. They use the term “reframing your mindset” to do so, and it is one of the most effective strategies for helping you get off the sofa and get moving. As those experts explained, “Even though most of us put happiness near the top of our want lists, many of us are secretly convinced that it will always be just out of reach. But the …

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Enjoy Work-Life Balance with Flexible Working Arrangements

February 19, 2020Wellbeing, ,

Ask anyone about work-life balance and you might get an eye roll for an answer. This is because many of us in modern society have almost no real sense of control over our daily lives. We work longer hours and find ourselves heavily committed to a lot of duties that prevent us from getting our homelife activities done. Because of that, many live with a sense of a work-life balance leaning far too heavily in …

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Back Pain and What You Can Do

February 6, 2020Physical activity

The back is an incredible structure and it can take amazing loads and forces without us noticing. As amazing as the back is it can also be very vulnerable to injury if all the supporting ligaments, tendons and muscles are not working effectively. If left untreated this little tweak can turn into chronic back pain. The structure When your back feels good you don’t think about it much at all, but when it causes you …

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Is Workplace Napping the Next Step for Wellbeing

February 5, 2020Wellbeing

High quality sleep is a key pillar when it comes to performing optimally and athletes utilise sleep to get the edge. Usain Bolt was asked what he considered the most important part of his daily regime and he responded “sleep”. Bolts value for sleep is not unique in high performers, with Rodger Federer and Lebron James reporting sleeping between 11 to 12 hours per night. Most people are not sleeping enough due to factors like …

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8 Strategies for Creating a Positive Workplace

February 5, 2020Leadership , Wellbeing

1. Be a good example  First, examine your own behaviour.  Are you walking the positive talk or are you mumbling beneath your breath, “Not another Monday.”  It is important to listen to your own language. Do you frame things in the positive, or do you often start your sentences with “No.”  Do you say “Yes, but…” a lot, negating the first half of your sentence with your last? Work on becoming a positive role model …

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