How to build personal resilience

October 22, 20210 CommentMental health , Mindset , Wellbeing

Our resilience has been tested tremendously these past 18 months, that much we can say for certain. We’ve learnt that resilience is often about marching forward despite feeling like you’re at your wits end, and frequently self-assessing for burnout. Luckily, resilience isn’t just a trait you either have or you don’t – it can be developed and grown. 

Investing in loving relationships with people who can be good role models and offer encouragement is essential, as is self-compassion. The understanding that you will make mistakes like everyone else – and still deserve love and understanding – is important in determining how quickly you can jump back from a challenge. 

Don’t forget to take time for self-care. Chasing accomplishments can cause you to neglect some of your basic needs, however, this can make you even more stressed and set you back even further.

Remember that the road to developing a new skill isn’t linear. You’re on your own path – don’t compare yourself to someone on a different trail.