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How does our digital wellbeing solution work?

Our wellbeing experts will work with you to build a program that supports your workplace needs.



Begin with a strategy session with our wellbeing team to map out your objectives and needs. Choose from our signature programs including Active Teams, Thriving Minds or Mental Health Awareness or design your own.



We'll create your unique organisational platform and wellbeing calendar, and work with you to roll out a customised communications plan to get your staff on board. And voila - your wellbeing journey has begun!



Track your organisations progress via a live dashboard and activity feed. Meet quarterly with our team to review wellbeing reports discuss progress.

Our Signature Programs

Active Teams - Physical Health

Active Teams is a 4-week healthy lifestyle program where teams work together to unlock levels by scoring active points. The healthier a team is; the more trophies they will collect, levels they will unlock and bragging rights they will have.

Thriving Minds - Growth & Resilience

Thriving Minds uses the cue-action-reward model in a social setting to motivate participants to take frequent and proactive steps to support their mental health. Thriving Minds focus areas include developing a sense of purpose, building personal resilience, and creating supportive teams.

Mentally Healthy People - Mental Health Awareness

The Mentally Healthy People program goes beyond mental health information to creating literacy inside the workplace. This is achieved by using behaviour change theory, engaging content and social support to motivate participants to openly and safely talk about workplace mental health. Focus areas include stigma in the workplace, mental health literacy and developing a mentally healthy workplace.

How are we different?

We're not exactly your typical wellbeing company. We move fast and deliver value - start your journey with us and you won't look back.

Complete solution

An evidence-based solution that delivers improvements in physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Fully customisable

Choose one of our standard programs or customise your own. The choice is yours.

Mobile delivery

Delivery via mobile app or web-browser supports all of your employees in every location.

Meaningful gamification

Challenges, social nudges and goal setting result in ongoing engagement and lasting healthy behaviours.

Socially supported

A supportive social environment for teams to share their experiences, celebrate wins and provide ‘Kudos’; creating a positive community, working towards a common goal.

On-demand resources

Educational materials are delivered with weekly challenges so participants have resources that support action.

What do we mean by 'complete wellbeing'?

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