Empowering people to be well with Wesley Mission Queensland

April 27, 20220 CommentUncategorized

When you hear about the work that Wesley Mission Queensland does, it’s hard to imagine them as anything but a team of rockstars. Serving a community of Queenslanders at all stages of life, the non-profit provides support through a range of services and channels including residential aged care, respite and homelessness services, mental health services, youth and family support, crisis support, disability accommodation and more. We sat down to speak with manager of Workforce Wellbeing Linh Pierson about the importance of fostering a sense of empowerment and support among their staff, and why keeping staff healthy and happy is a win-win for everyone.

“We value our people and we want to empower them to be well. Part of my role is knowing that when our staff are well, they can bring their best selves to work and provide the best care”, says Linh. It’s a common theme that Active & Thriving has seen spark up among businesses over the last 2-3 years, in response to changing workplace conditions and issues like isolation and lockdowns affecting employee mental health. Employers across the country are quickly realising that ensuring their team members are doing well is, in a way, very much insurance for their own organisation’s continued success. It would be difficult to find someone that disagrees with the notion that “the people make the company”, so it makes sense that prioritising their wellbeing is the right move. Linh continues, saying that “my role is to make sure that we have systems, processes and resources within the organisation that are practical and accessible to our workforce.” So what does that look like for a non-profit that takes on such a wide breadth of work?

It’s no secret that employee health and wellbeing programs don’t always hit the mark. Time and time again, companies will take a tick-box approach to staff wellbeing without thinking about how to meaningfully implement programs that can make a positive difference in the workplace. Linh notes that in her experience, she’s seen just how difficult it is to introduce new programs like this for staff, even when they are implemented meaningfully and with the best of intentions. 

She mentions “just getting people to commit the time to doing it, prioritising their wellbeing” as a major challenge when it comes to encouraging staff to engage with workplace wellbeing. It’s a weighty part of the reason that Wesley Mission Queensland opted to partner up with Active & Thriving.

“With the Active & Thriving app, staff will be able to incorporate it into their daily routine and make it very achievable within their work regime as well,” Linh notes. “We hope to engage in some team challenges as well, allowing us to build that culture of teamwork and wellbeing. Having that camaraderie will help to support people and make them more accountable for their goals.”

It touches on a subject our team heavily incorporated into the structure of the Active & Thriving program, which is the strong correlation between performance and accountability in a teamwork setting. The 2015 Harvard study Mutual Accountability and Its Influence on Team Performance backed this up significantly, concluding that “As team members actively evaluate one another […], their collective performance will improve”. Being in-tune with your peers in this way helps to encourage your own performance, thanks to a feeling of responsibility to your teammates.

Of course, that’s not the only reason Wesley Mission Queensland chose to partner up with A&T. 

“The product has great resources,” Linh continues, “it was cost-effective but also very targeted in terms of what it delivers. Physical wellbeing, but also a component of mental health, and other aspects such as sleep and healthy eating. It was a very holistic package and Australian-owned as well.” 

It bodes well for the future outcomes WMQ is hoping to see from the partnership. As an organisation that focuses on the wellbeing of others, it’s paramount to give their staff a platform to look after their own wellbeing as well – and not just as an afterthought. The consistency of the platform as a homebase to return to for tracking, learning and improving wellbeing was a particular motive for WMQ in their decision to partner up with us.

“I like the fact that we’ve embarked on a new journey with Active & Thriving, it will enable a continuous and constant foundation that allows staff to know what to expect. Technology can sometimes be quite challenging, but I think that A&T will make it very easy and accessible for our workforce to continue with their wellbeing journey. 

It’s very tailored and you can set your own goals. This helps with accountability, which can be a challenge sometimes. You can always set goals, but actually carrying through with it is the hard part, isn’t it?”

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