Not your traditional "Employee Assistance Program"

Your employees need support, but most EAPs struggle with awareness – your employees just don’t know they exist. 

Meet our Employee Protection System. 

We flip the EAP model by recognising employees who are struggling and offering support early. 

Employee Protection System

We connect the continuum of care between promotion, prevention and early intervention by implementing the Employee Protection System (EPS). The EPS is a single service that supports the entire mental health continuum by:

1. Protecting the health of all employees through promotion and prevention initiatives at the organisation, team and individual level;

2. Preventing the onset of mental illness through a responsive and integrated early intervention triaging system that encourages early help-seeking behaviour; and

3. Promoting recovery and sustainable self-care behaviours for those unwell.

How does it work?

The EPS identifies individuals with below-average reported mental health and wellbeing levels and facilitates early help-seeking behaviour and self-care practices by using platform analytics and validated surveys. Individuals are triaged into appropriate levels of care ranging from self-support to counselling services.


Action & Engagement

Employees are screened for mental health and wellbeing concerns while participating in our comprehensive wellbeing programs.


Identify & Assist

Individuals that are identified as moderate or high risk for a mental health concern are nudged towards support.


Personalised Support

Our 24/7 line is answered by psychologists, who listen to your employees and identify the most appropriate care.

Not all wellbeing programs are created equal

The Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australasia reported a successfully promoted self-referred EAP should achieve utilisation rates of at least 5% of staff.

One of the main challenges faced by the sector is awareness. Although an EAP covers the majority of Australians, only a small number are aware. Other reported concerns include a lack of understanding that the service is confidential or knowing how to access the service.

We break down these barriers through technology and team-based wellbeing programs to create high performing workplaces.

How are we different?

We're not exactly your typical wellbeing company. We move fast and deliver value - start your journey with us and you won't look back.

Push, not pull

We identify individuals that may be at risk and screen for support. Early intervention saves time and money, keeping your workplace healthy.

No upfront fees or retainers

We provide a “turnkey solution” to quickly implement a state-of-the-art EAP and Mental Health strategy.

Psychological triage

We match your employees with our team, based on the presenting issues, individual preferences and individual’s preferred location (throughout Australia and NZ).

Digital first

Our platform provides proactive mental health support. Your employees can choose to self-manage their wellbeing and develop skillsets that strengthen resilience and help-seeking behaviour.


Our extended services include Critical Incident support (24/7), Manager Assist programs, Employee Return to Work consulting, and positive and proactive Mental Health training and initiatives.

Strategic wellbeing

We are here to support and enable your wellbeing plans. We don't approach each business in exactly the same way, but instead adapt, grow and change the fit your needs.

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