Mindfulness: Why and How

September 17, 2021Mental health , Mindset , Productivity , Wellbeing, , , , , , ,

You’ve likely heard the term ‘mindfulness’ thrown around a lot in conversations around wellbeing, mental health and even meditation. Perhaps you’ve even tried it, whether it’s through an app on your phone, in-session with a therapist or at a local yoga studio. In concept, it’s not difficult to explain – clear your mind of thoughts, …

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Why self-care is so important right now

September 9, 2021Mental health , Mindset , Wellbeing, , , , , , , ,

Self-care, the practice of showing compassion to yourself and supporting your own emotional wellbeing, is often neglected or deprioritised by working adults. After 12 months of tumultuous uncertainty, many of us are left exhausted and stressed by all the sudden changes we’ve had to make in our day-to-day lives. While it’s made us put self-care …

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Why do we sleep?

July 7, 2021Sleep , Wellbeing

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, but somehow after all these years of research and study, scientists are still unable to come to a certain conclusion on why exactly we sleep. There are many hypotheses that have been supported by studies over the years that have helped to give us some idea on …

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4 Ways to Reach Your Goals

January 5, 2021Wellbeing

With the new year finally here, January sits as the most common month where people chase new goals. Goal setting is important for progression, but most of the time the go uncompleted. Below are a few of our top tips for reaching that goal based on research and clinical expertise. Enlist the help of friends …

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Mindfulness Practice – Touchpoints

November 23, 2020Mental health , Wellbeing

This exercise is designed to make us appreciate our lives by slowing the pace down, coming into purer awareness and resting at the moment for a while.  Think of something that happens every day more than once, something you take for granted, like opening a door, for example. At the very moment, you touch the …

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