Why giving is good for your health

November 24, 2021Mental health , Mindset , Wellbeing

Whether it’s gifting to charity or being generous to a soul in need, there’s no doubt that the act of giving makes us feel good. That warm fuzzy feeling inside isn’t the only positive effect of giving, though – believe it or not, there are tangible physical and mental health benefits to adopting a giving …

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How to build personal resilience

October 22, 2021Mental health , Mindset , Wellbeing

Resilience affects how well we adapt to the challenges in life – challenges that we all face at one point or another. Losing our jobs, the death of a loved one, the end of a romantic relationship, physical illnesses, trauma. These hardships can’t be avoided. The more resilient a person is, the better they can …

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Mindfulness: Why and How

September 17, 2021Mental health , Mindset , Productivity , Wellbeing, , , , , , ,

You’ve likely heard the term ‘mindfulness’ thrown around a lot in conversations around wellbeing, mental health and even meditation. Perhaps you’ve even tried it, whether it’s through an app on your phone, in-session with a therapist or at a local yoga studio. In concept, it’s not difficult to explain – clear your mind of thoughts, …

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