Why giving is good for your health

November 24, 2021Mental health , Mindset , Wellbeing

Whether it’s gifting to charity or being generous to a soul in need, there’s no doubt that the act of giving makes us feel good. That warm fuzzy feeling inside isn’t the only positive effect of giving, though – believe it or not, there are tangible physical and mental health benefits to adopting a giving …

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How to build personal resilience

October 22, 2021Mental health , Mindset , Wellbeing

Our resilience has been tested tremendously these past 18 months, that much we can say for certain. We’ve learnt that resilience is often about marching forward despite feeling like you’re at your wits end, and frequently self-assessing for burnout. Luckily, resilience isn’t just a trait you either have or you don’t – it can be …

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Mindfulness: Why and How

September 17, 2021Mental health , Mindset , Productivity , Wellbeing, , , , , , ,

You’ve likely heard the term ‘mindfulness’ thrown around a lot in conversations around wellbeing, mental health and even meditation. Perhaps you’ve even tried it, whether it’s through an app on your phone, in-session with a therapist or at a local yoga studio. In concept, it’s not difficult to explain – clear your mind of thoughts, …

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