Is an optimistic mindset all it’s cracked up to be

January 29, 2021Mindset , Productivity, , , ,

We’re all probably familiar with some optimists and pessimists in our lives. Optimists are the ones with the “glass is always half-full” perspective. Nothing ever gets them down — even when things are falling apart.    Pessimists, on the other hand, are the ones who tend to see the negatives in current and future situations. And life just always seems to be miserable and hopeless to them.  In reality, most of us have a mixture of …

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6 Essential Tips for Leading Remote Teams

May 31, 2020Leadership , Productivity, ,

Remote leadership can feel like a totally different challenge than leading people you work with – side by side. How you interact with your team in an office does not always translate exactly to remote employees. Use these tips to be more conscious of the unique approaches you can take to get the best from your team members. 1 – Make time for small talk. When managing remote employees, it’s easy to just talk about …

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Setting up your home office for success

May 31, 2020Productivity

Working from home has become the norm for many people. Whether you use your home office for five days a week or one, there are some basic things that are required. To ensure your working from home experience is comfortable and productive, it is important to spend time setting it up correctly and review as you go. To begin planning, let’s look at the most important factors for a great home office: Choosing the SpaceIf …

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