Staff wellbeing has changed in the aged care industry

May 5, 2021Leadership

Over the course of Covid-19, workplaces have had growing challenges with uplifting staff morale and wellbeing. Many of us faced and continue to face issues like displacement, isolation, and financial insecurity just to name a few. Countless companies have looked to switching over and upgrading their Employee Assistance Programs in response, but in the midst of a global pandemic, for an industry like aged care there is a whole lot more reform to be done. …

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What can you do as a manager to encourage wellbeing in the workplace?

April 6, 2021Leadership, , ,

As a manager, your role requires you to oversee not just the productivity and output of your team, but their wellbeing too. Different company cultures will prioritise wellbeing to varying degrees, but that shouldn’t stop you from ensuring your team is getting the best chance at working a job that is both fulfilling and rewarding for them. Your role as a manager is unique in that making wellbeing an important part of work culture is …

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What can you do as a workplace champion to encourage wellbeing in the workplace?

March 31, 2021Leadership, ,

As a leader in your workplace, you may recognise that you are the go-to person for many of your peers. Whether that’s for feedback, ideas, or just an ear to listen, you hold a certain amount of influence in your space and your opinion carries weight among your colleagues. Even if you don’t hold an official managerial or supervisor title, finding yourself in such a role can also incur a feeling of responsibility to your …

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Being alone and socialising with others each contributes differently to personal growth

November 23, 2020Leadership , Mental health

How do people experience time alone and time with others? Findings from a new study reveal the complexities of people’s experiences in these fundamental social situations. The study analyzed self-generated text from more than 1,700 participants who performed a sentence-completion task regarding their experience alone and their social experience when in the company of others. The results of the study, published in the journal Social Psychology, reported that when people think about themselves with others, they …

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Practical ways to build psychological safety

October 28, 2020Leadership , Mental health, ,

There are few places where people spend as much time as the workplace; therefore it is understandable when employees do not only ask for better salaries but also request healthier environments. As a field, organisational psychology is focused on accomplishing improving the health and wellbeing within the workplace setting; it studies the workplace and focuses on providing the tools and techniques to improve its conditions. Organisational psychologists have proposed many strategies to tackle this issue, …

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