Phil’s Finance Fundamentals – Your Spending Plan

April 30, 2020Financial wellbeing

You can call it a budget if you like but that makes me think of another word that we don’t love – Diet.  It sends chills down our spines and we avoid it by doing anything else we can think of, maybe even preparing our tax return – well maybe not that far!  When we work out what we spend, we do need to set aside money for the fun things in life so I …

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What is Financial Wellbeing

February 20, 2020Financial wellbeing, , ,

Financial wellbeing is defined as having a feeling of security and knowing that you have enough income to cover your basic needs. It’s about having control of daily finances and possessing the overall freedom to enjoy the life you lead.  There are three general ways in which financial wellbeing could be measured. One is the way that individuals manage their daily financial obligations, like a home mortgage, rental costs, and car expenses, as well as …

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