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Weekly Challenges

Why you should exercise for human performance

February 9, 2022Uncategorized

Exercise is one of those things that, for most of us, we feel like we’re not doing enough of. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of people out there who don’t fall into this description – exercise can be a part of your regular weekly routines and be something …

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3 Ways to Align Your Work Environment with Your Goals

February 2, 2022Uncategorized

When it comes to staying focused and productive in your workspace, curating your ideal work environment can make an enormous difference. From keeping things tidy and organised to employing a Marie Kondo-style ethos of prioritising what will “spark joy”, there are a number of ways you can design an environment to encourage success and fulfilment …

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Goal Setting 101

January 12, 2022Uncategorized

By and large, we recognise goal-setting as a powerful tool for helping us stay on track to achieve success, whatever ‘success’ means to us – but the techniques for setting goals effectively vary depending on where you look to for advice. The purpose of goal setting is to allow us to get clear on what …

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The commitment to wellbeing at MongoDB

December 17, 2021Uncategorized

Having worked in workplace wellness for over 15 years, Benefits Manager at MongoDB Kritika Singh is no stranger to the wellbeing space. It means that her grasp on an employee wellbeing program is one that works – one that achieves cut through and sees tangible results.  Kritika’s mission is to empower employees through education on …

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