Active Teams 2020

July 13, 20200 CommentNews

The Active Teams program was completed this month with 117 employees from two organisations participating in the inaugural program during some very unsettling times. While the world hunker down due to a global pandemic, many employees made time to focus on their own wellbeing and make small changes for long term results.   

Active Teams is a physical activity and healthy habit challenge that encourages participants to make small improvements to their health for long term results. Each day participants log their sleep, diet and exercise to earn points benchmarked against Australian guidelines. Each week participants choose a new health challenge and are provided with educational resources (articles, videos and audio) to help them achieve it. Each fortnight teams work together to complete a team challenge to improve the wellbeing culture within the workplace.

The recent program saw some excellent individual and overall results. Here are a few of the highlights: 

  • 88% of participants logged into the program more than once
  • 73% scored points by completing a healthy behaviour 
  • 69% of participants joined or formed a team 
  • 68% read or watched an educational resource 
  • 66% of individuals registered an exercise session 
  • 52% completed a mini-health challenge
  • 49% of individuals completed the program 

All participants were invited to complete an additional survey to monitor their progress and demonstrate outcomes. From this information, the program demonstrated positive results utilising evidence-based validated outcomes measures that include: 

  • Improved reported Global Physical Health (Change: Good (47.3) to Very Good (51)) 
  • Improved reported Global Mental Health (Change: Very Good (48.3) to Very Good (50.8)) 
  • Decreased Sleep Disturbance (Change: 49.6 to 44.6) 
  • Increased Social Connectedness (Change: 40.1 to 42.2) 
  • Reduced reported sitting time by 64 mins per weekday
  • Increased time spent walking by 72 mins per week 
  • Increased time spent completing moderate exercise by 94 mins per week 
  • Increased time spent completing vigorous exercise by 77 mins per week 

“Taking part in the Active Teams Challenge enabled me to be more mindful of my daily habits, practices and activity level and it was a fun challenge that brought me closer to my colleagues. I can’t wait until next year!” – Bernadette, People and Culture, TUH

Active Teams is just one of our socially connected programs targeted to improve employee wellbeing. The next program, Thriving Minds focuses on mental health awareness and resilience building. To find out more contact