We empower employees everywhere to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our focus

Wellbeing is a broad umbrella term for a lot of interconnected domains. Physical, mental, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, social and spiritual, just to name a few.

Our experiences within each domain fluctuate throughout our lives, and these effects impact us as a whole.

Good wellbeing is when you have the mental, social and physical resources to meet a particular challenge. When challenges increase beyond the size of your resources, you lose balance and your world tips.

At Active & Thriving, our focus is to empower individuals to achieve balance and create high-performing teams.

Our Vision

Empower employees everywhere to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

Become the world’s leading employee wellbeing platform by providing scalable and evidence-based behaviour change solutions.

Our Values

Follow the platinum rule – treat others the way they want to be treated. 

Live the vision – empower yourself and others to live healthy and fulfilling lives.  

Measure what matters – test, learn and evolve. 

Our Story

Co-founder Josh Marsden spent 12+ years developing and implementing mental health and wellbeing strategies for workplaces, including Queensland Police, La Trobe University and Brisbane City Council. Throughout his career, Josh needed an evidence-based digital platform that could be customised to the organisation’s goals and give individualised care. No one solution could support all the domains of wellbeing.

With the vision to empower employees everywhere to live healthy and fulfilling lives, Josh teamed up with co-founder and physiotherapist Louis Island to launch Active & Thriving. 

Active & Thriving has quickly grown to be considered the most comprehensive and flexible platform in corporate wellbeing by its ever-growing customer base. Our complete approach to corporate wellbeing allows organisations to enable their wellbeing strategy and is grounded in the promotion, prevention and early intervention framework. 

Josh Marsden & Louis Island, Founders of Active & Thriving