5 Ways to Cut Screen Time

June 11, 20200 CommentWellbeing

Most of us need to spend many hours a day looking at a screen due to work or education requirements. We then spend a lot of our free time looking at a screen and this excessive screen time can cause harm to us. This can include eye damage as well as affect our mood and create postural problems, which increases the risk of injury. 

To minimise the effect screens have on you and get some time back to do activities you enjoy try these strategies:

  1. Screen-free meals

It may be tempting to use your meal breaks as a time to catch up on online news or social media. But by banning the screen during these breaks you’ll not only give your eyes a rest, but you will also likely enjoy your food more and the company of those with you.

  1. Avoid watching movies or TV in bed

Watching movies and TV is enjoyable and relaxing, but try and do this on your couch rather than in your bed. Watching from your couch makes it easier to stop watching that addictive TV show rather than pressing play on the next episode if you are already cozy in bed. This will also help your sleeping patterns as your bedroom should be a place for sleeping, not entertainment.

  1. Cut down on social media

The internet gives us more ways than ever to stay in touch with friends and family all over the world. But constant chatting means our eyes are down on our phones and other devices an excessive amount. Try turning off the notifications of two social media apps on your phone to make accessing them just a little less frequent. This will also reduce the number of times your phone interrupts you each day, giving you more clarity and peace of mind.

  1. Ban phone charging from the bedroom

Refrain from charging your phone next to your bed as it will tempt you to check for messages or even the time if you wake during the night. Looking at your phone’s screen just before bed has been shown to disrupt the sleep patterns of some people

  1. Find a boredom hobby

Our mobile phones are a great way to fight boredom and the endless scroll of social media is the easy option. Next time you have some time to kill or just feel the urge to aimlessly scroll through social media try and pick up a book, do a crossword or a brain teaser.

Now that you have read this article, remember point two and turn off the notifications of two applications.

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