4 Ways to Reach Your Goals

January 5, 20210 CommentWellbeing

With the new year finally here, January sits as the most common month where people chase new goals. Goal setting is important for progression, but most of the time the go uncompleted. Below are a few of our top tips for reaching that goal based on research and clinical expertise.

Enlist the help of friends and family

Studies show that you have greater chances of meeting your goals if you share your goals with your friends and family. Just by letting people know, you start to build your new identity get the benefit of support from others. Even better, join forces with someone going through the same challenges and motivate each other to succeed. 

Be present

The best thing you can do to ensure success towards your goals is to have a plan and a solid purpose to back it up. Good health does not come by accident. Everything you do, from planning meals, doing research and tracking your progress is another step towards good health. You should always remind yourself of your reasons for wanting to be healthier and actively seek opportunities to stay fit and eat well. 

Healthy should be fun

Sometimes you may feel that exercising or changing your eating habit is too hard. You may even start to question if it is all worth it. Stop thinking just about the goal (e.g. I want to lose 10kg) and start thinking about the benefits of that goal (e.g. be able to keep up with my kids). The changes you apply to your lifestyle should come with enjoyment and pleasure, especially in knowing that you are doing these things to avoid problems in the future. The successful few always keep an optimistic outlook and live healthier lives. Plus they have fun! There are hundreds of different ways to be healthier, find yours.

Take one small step at a time

Drastic changes in diet and exercise programs are doomed to fail. Those who have shared their secrets for success suggest looking at the long-term and working on improving your habits step by step. Think of it as being put in a strange country. Do you really expect to learn the language and the culture within a month? If you have a purpose, you will patiently take small steps and begin to see results before you know it. Start with small achievable goals such as having an apple for a snack instead of a chocolate bar or walking 10 minutes every other day.