Active & Thriving join Skalata Ventures

October 28, 2020Uncategorized

We are excited to announce that we have been accepted into the October cohort of the Skalata Ventures Seed Investment program. Skalata Ventures helps early stage companies prepare to scale and grow into significant and sustainable businesses. They invest in and support early-stage companies using a model based on international best practice and extensive research across the Australian start-up community. They provide unparalleled support to leading entrepreneurs at a critical stage in the startup lifecycle …

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The Elephant in the Room: Reducing stigma through sharing.

October 28, 2020Mental health

Experiencing mental health problems can be a very isolating experience. Sometimes people need to see something physical that shows them they are not alone in their experiences. One of the popular activities we do as part of the Thriving Minds program is Elephant in the Room. In this activity we invite people to share on the Active & Thriving feed what stops them talking about their mental health or what they believe is stopping people …

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Practical ways to build psychological safety

October 28, 2020Leadership , Mental health, ,

There are few places where people spend as much time as the workplace; therefore it is understandable when employees do not only ask for better salaries but also request healthier environments. As a field, organisational psychology is focused on accomplishing improving the health and wellbeing within the workplace setting; it studies the workplace and focuses on providing the tools and techniques to improve its conditions. Organisational psychologists have proposed many strategies to tackle this issue, …

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