Support Employees to ‘Thrive @ Home’

Support Employees to ‘Thrive @ Home’

We are providing workplaces free access to our socially connected Thrive @ Home program to help people not only get through this difficult period but thrive.

Thrive @ Home can help your employees transition smoothly to working from home and reconnect with their peers through the common goal of improving their health and wellbeing. The social platform, team activities and recognition elements can reduce feelings of isolation and support mental and physical health during difficult times. 

Over four weeks participants will complete four wellbeing modules including gamified mini-challenges, supported by just-in-time education. Each day employees will receive new mindfulness practices, home-based workouts and wellbeing tips. Each week participants have a new wellbeing focus and team activities to help a smooth transition to working from home. All positive activities are shared on the Thrive activity feed to motivate the community. 

The four Thrive @Home modules:

  • Setting up your environment for success
  • Staying connected with your team
  • Adding wellbeing milestones to your day
  • Building gratitude in uncertain times

Managers will be up-skilled each week to support their team:

  • Ideas and activities to connect with and engage their teams
  • Practical resources to help lead remote teams in difficult times 
  • Easily provide recognition through ‘shout outs’ for team achievements
  • Tailored resources for managers to improve their wellbeing

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We have included some helpful resources below and encourage you to contact us for any advice or assistance in supporting your people in this unprecedented time.

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Stay well,

Active & Thriving Team