Tips for Working From Home

Tips for Working From Home

A well setup work environment in the home is important to help separate your work and home life and increase comfort and productivity.

  • Designate a dedicated workspace and establish boundaries, such as working hours and when you will be available. This will assist you to separate your work activities from your home life. 
  • If other family members (i.e. partner and/or children) are also at home, discuss with them expectations around what times you will be unavailable due to work events.      
  • If possible, set up your workstation near a source of natural light. Exposure to sunlight can increase the serotonin in the brain, boosting your mood and helping you to feel calmer and more focused. 
  • Reduce the clutter on and around your desk space. The process of decluttering can help you to feel more relaxed and less stressed. 
  • Identify any potential distractors you may have at home and put strategies in place to minimise them. 

The importance of breaks

It can be easy when you are working from home to sit at your desk or computer for long periods without a break. This is not beneficial for your health or your productivity. 

  • Take a proper lunch break – spend time away from your work area and try to get a little exercise or activity that is different from your work 
  • Take a short break mid-morning and mid-afternoon. It is important to let your brain relax a little so you can return to work feeling more focused and invigorated. 
  • Utilise outdoor spaces, such as your garden or balcony if you have them. Even 15 minutes in nature and fresh air can improve your mental health.

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