Thriving workplaces

About Active & Thriving

We are well-beings!

We create workplace wellbeing programs for the modern workforce. By utilising the latest in behaviour change theory, social nudges and gamification, Active & Thriving is making thrivng workplaces the new normal.

Our promise

Save time & get results

Creating and delivering employee wellbeing content takes a lot of time and effort. Instead of putting more pressure on your Human Resource or Safety Team, let us provide you with a complete wellbeing solution.

Participants that complete our program show improvements in physical, mental and social wellbeing. They value their workplace for providing the program and report an improved workplace culture. 

Our focus

Create action & empower employees

Our team is all about wellbeing.... Seriously, we live for it. Our approach differs from other programs by providing you with a plug & play solution that creates action. Every piece of content is delivered to engage participants to take action towards an element of their wellbeing.

Helping Support

Our team is always available to support participants to use the program.

Qualified Staff

We are health professionals and behaviour change experts. Together, we can empower your employees.

Our wellbeing experts will work with you to build a  program that supports your needs.

Choose one of our set programs to suit your organisation or create something unique. 


Our point of difference is that we deliver a complete wellbeing solution, created by health experts and delivered on an accessible, social and engaging platform. What else could you want?


All elements of well-being

Having one solution to provide employees which covers all elements of wellbeing is important for success.


Improve teamwork and culture

A solution that drives employee interaction online and workplace improves teamwork and culture.


Regular check-ins and 24/7 support

Regular check-ins to discuss results and plan the next steps. 24/7 support to solve any problems.

Accessible & supportive

Improve everyone's wellbeing with an accessible solution

Active & Thriving is delivered via mobile application or web-browser. This provides your employees with an accessible and supportive wellbeing program.

Turn key solution

A plug & play solution for all of your employees to use.

Secure & private

A safe place for your employees to share their triumphs and challenges.


Our platform can support your employees in every location.


Our team is always here to support any participants needs.

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